►光分配系統:miniHUB 光學視頻分發的下一代產品。開發了一個創新平台。
►2 x雙RX SFP,雙輸出,2 x雙TX SFP,光分配包括SDI分配放大器,具有四路DA輸出的雙光纖到類比
►HUBbox ™ MkII E-O/O-E 轉換信號盒,採用堅固耐用的外殼封裝,非常適合戶外應用。 
►CWDM光波鏈路(Simple Optical links)/光學分佈(CWDM optical links)/光分配器(Optical distributions)
    添加(Add/drop/pass networks)/刪除/傳遞網路(環結構)(Transponders) /光學轉換(Optical


Frame Specifi
Model No:                                 miniHUB-1RU-4-2
Frame power input range         +12VDC to +24VDC 
Connector type:                         DC-jack 5.5/2.1mm
Power connectors on frame:      2
Mixed supplies allowed:             Yes, diode split input
Dimensions of frame:                 483 x 44 x 255 mm (19”, 1RU)
Card slots - active:                      4
Passive optical slots:                   2
Expansion slots:                          1
Operating temperature              0 deg Celcius to +45 deg Celcius
Relative humidity                       <90% (non-condensing)
Door release mechanism            Push to release and push to close
Door removal                              Yes, hinged for normal use

Power supply
Model No:                                    10653
AC input:                                      100-240 VAC,1.5A,50-60Hz
Output voltage:                            +24VDC,2.5A MAX
Maximum wattage:                       60W
Input connector:                            IEC 60320 C14
Power LED indicator:                     Yes
Dimensions: MTBF Certification:   110x62x32mm(L/W/H)
MTBF Certification:                        100,000 hours
Certification:                                  UL,CE and CB

Model No:                                      RCON mini
Connector type:                              RJ45
Connector Indicator:                       Yes,10/100Mbit & Link
Control language:                           HTML
SNMP enabled:                               Yes

Connector type:                              75 ohm BNC
Signal Type:                                     Black and Burst / Tri-level
Distributed in frame:                       Yes

Fans:                                                3 x Processor controlled
Size:                                                 30 x 30 x 10 mm (W/H/D) Control:   
Control:                                           Temperature sense with speed control

OC-4B-SDI back panel
Model No:                                  OC-4B-SDI-B1
SFP slots                                     2
SFP type                                     Norwia OEM type, (see SFP type list)     
BNC (Standard O/P)                   4 x 75 ohm output 
BNC (Flexi-IO)                             4 x 75 ohm (input or output)
Input/Output specifications        (See OC-4B-SDI Technical specification)


The "all-in-one" card

The OC-4B-SDI is the 1 card solution for Optical video distribution. It's the only solution on the market for Optical video distribution that has the AutoSFP® functionality that has been developed by Norwia. This technology raises the bar and gives the users a next generation product that is cost effective and lives up to Norwia tag line of "giving value".

Norwia's OC-4B-SDI can grow from 1 channel to 4 channels by simply plugging an SFP module. These SFP modules can be Transmit, Receive or Transceiver, single or dual channel. To make this possible, technologies like Norwia's Flexi I/O and AutoSFP® are employed to provide an intelligent automatic function that reconfigures the core Phabrix and enables the user more time to solve other pressing issues in their broadcast establishment.

The OC-4B-SDI can solve the following Optical solutions:

Simple Optical links
  CWDM optical links
  Optical distributions
  Add/drop/pass networks (Ring structures))
  Optical changeover


OX-2O-2X1-D / OX-2O-2X2

Automatic Protection Switch for all types of optical signals with optional power detection

The OX-2O-2x1/ OX-2O-2x2 modules are an Optical Fiber Protection switch with 2x1 or 2x2 switching architecture.

It can be user for fiber redundancy switching, optical switching in fiber networks or protection switching in optical ring networks.

The module can be controlled with external GPI control, or from the miniHUB WEB control interface (RCONmini). In addition it can also perform switching based on power supply failure.

The OX-2O-2X1-D version has an additional optical power sense on both inputs. The user can decide which optical trigger level (dBm) to activate the switch. It will then automatically protect the fiber connection.

Available in 2x1 and 2x2 versions
  GPI control available
  Large Optical detection range, 0dBm to -30dBm (-D verion)
  LEDs show selected input status and input signal presence (-D version)
  Automatic Protection Switching based on optical input power (-D version)
  Switching based on power failure
  Low optical insertion loss of typically < 2dB
  Use together with OS-2-50 to split fiber circuit into 2 fibers



Dual Channel Optical Receiver with AutoSFP® functionality for SMPTE 297-2006 Video applications.


Dual Channel Optical Transmitter with AutoSFP® functionality for SMPTE 297-2006 Video applications.


Optical Transceiver with AutoSFP® functionality for SMPTE 297-2006 Video applications.


Dual Channel Optical Receiver with AutoSFP® functionality for SMPTE 297-2006 Video applications. This SFP is rated for short-haul applications.